I was discussing the pros and cons of summer and fall with a friend of mine, who loves the beach beyond all reason, and I realized that there was a real competition there. As much as I love summer, fall is pretty gorgeous and has a lot going for it!

Fall VS. Summer Head to Head!

Summer provides us with long days and lots of sunshine. But my kids don't want to go to bed when the sun is still out, so fall's shorter days make for an earlier bedtime. I love looking out at the islands in casco bay from my beach chair, I also love how our fall foliage transforms our neighborhoods and daily drives into something spectacular. Summer gives us baseball and fireworks with our Sea Dogs. Fall brings back the camaraderie and excitement of Patriots football. Summertime means sand everywhere. The vacuuming, sweeping and clearing of nooks and crannies is a full time job. Those gorgeous autumn leaves eventually do fall and that's a mess too. Our dogs and shoes track in wet leaves and instead of vacuuming sand I'm hard at work with my Swiffer Wet-Jet. During the summer I do so much laundry because we change clothes a couple of times a day and I wash beach towels every day. Fall gives me a break from flipping laundry and hanging bathing suits to dry. Summertime means slipping into my flip flops and running out the door, but today I wore socks with shoes for the first time in a long time, and I must say the my feet feel very cozy. When seasons change I feel a fresh start coming on. I want to paint my living room, I'm excited to work on stained glass for Christmas gifts, my girls are learning so much at school and I'm looking for an upholstery class to take! I will miss stopping at Kettle Cove Creamery on our way home from the Crescent Beach, but I am excited to have a cheese dog and a choc at Rapid Ray's after Thornton Academy's Homecoming Game!

Which season is your favorite?


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As much as I love summer, I'm a true fan of fall.