It looks like you're not going to "need a bigger boat" to hunt down that Great White Shark you've been after. You can track them right while sitting on your couch with the cool OCEARCH website.

Form the OCEARCH website:

"OCEARCH is a non-profit organization and a recognized world leader in generating critical scientific data related to tracking and biological studies of large apex predators such as great white sharks and other keystone marine species."

Check it out. You can track sharks, whales, and more and see their current locations. These features have been "tagged" and even named! I see that Oscar, a 7-foot mako shark has just pinged in the Gulf of Maine.




OCEARCH is a non-profit, so you might consider donating to this worthy scientific cause. With the tracker, you can see where a shark or whale has been...and if it might be headed our way! We do get a few Great White Shark sightings each summer off the coast of Maine. Here's one from 2018.


The kiddos might like this too. It's a great way to learn about these beautiful creatures in real-time.


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