Did you see that we had a Great White swimming off the Maine coast this past weekend? The shark was seen off Cape Elizabeth's Crescent Beach and warning flags were raised.

We later found out that this Great White has a name. His name is "Tuck" and he is a young shark that is only 8 feet long and 288 pounds. One might call Tuck a...say it with me....Baby Shark. Tuck is part of the OCEARCH project. Sharks have been tagged and can be followed for research purposes, Last we saw Tuck, he had moved up the coast off of Georgetown.

The latest location for four sharks off the Maine coast: 




Here are a few sharks that are currently off the Maine Coast Click on their name to track their current location.

CHARLOTTE-Also a juvenile shark, Charlotte is of last check-in off the coast in Ogunquit. She is 8-feet long and about 340 pounds. Charlotte, you have GREAT taste in beaches!


FREYA-At last ping off the coast of Broad Cove off Cape Elizabeth. Freya is a young adult female White Shark and clocks in just over 11 feet long.


MARTHA-The youngest of the bunch off Maine's coast. Martha is way out off the coast of Cape Elizabeth in the Gulf of Maine. She must be the shy one of the group,


TUCK-Was the troublemaker that raised the warning flags this past weekend at Crescent Beach. Now off of Georgetown, you can track where this handsome young Great White might go next.

I like that we give these sharks cute names and that we know their locations. It makes it all a bit less scary. Of course, it's important to be careful out there. Last summer Maine had its firs  fatal shark attack. In July of 2020, a New York woman  was killed while swimming hear her vacation home on Bailey Island.  Since then , more coastal Maine towns have started using flags to warn of local shark sightings.

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