Rooftops on homes and businesses all over Maine were covered by heavy snow in last week's storm. We took a look at our's as we pulled out of the driveway this morning and luckily it gets a bunch of sun, so it's pretty clear.  Other folks might not be that fortunate.

The National Weather Service is forecasting even milder temperatures and rain for tomorrow. Check out these highs!

Mainers are urged to clear as much snow off the tops of buildings as possible while it's still nice. 'Cause on Saturday, that sh*t is likely to freeze in many areas of Blimpville. We saw one of our neighbors in Westbrook using a roof rake on his the other day. Wicked smaht...gettin' ahead of it!

You could also do it "Only in Buxton" style and get a snowblowah up theah.


Or how 'bout this DIY contraption? Looks way safer and it's pretty cool how the snow comes down in blocks.

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