Today was spent discarding all the nasties unearthed by the rain and sun, it was not pretty. Even the cat wanted no part of it. My kids wouldn't help until I bought them both work gloves. Can't say that I blame them, they get that from me. We did use the tye dye sled to drag away trash, limbs and assorted debris. BTW, we found both sleds today!


We found a huge collection of balls too.


Most of these are contributions from neighbors when they accidently go over our fence. They used to ask for them back, but after figuring out that they were landing in the "Dog Yard", they let us keep them. Because...yuck. After the long winter you don't even want to know what we hauled out of there. You're a trooper and an excellent scooper, Mark.

Once the heavy lifting was over, it was time to tackle the fall leaves that surface in April. Mr. Todd loaned us his Mack-Daddy Daddy-Macker leaf blower and Mr. B went to town on that yard! He loves that thing.

leaf blowing

After all the clean up the girls and I went out in search of flowers to put on the porch and deck. We ran all over God's green earth! We hit up Lowe's, Home Depot and the Walmart Garden Center without much luck. Dirty and hungry, we picked up dinner at Taj to bring back to the homestead before we all showered.

When we got home we were happy to make our best discovery of the day. Under all of the trash and leaves were the flowers we had been looking for, 3 crocus to let us know that this is the real thing. Spring truly has arrived, finally!


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