When the door was opened to let the dogs out this morning, they just sat there in protest. The cold rain was still falling on the all those dead leaves. They seemed perfectly content with their full bladders.

With a reported 18 inches of snow already and 6 foot drifts, the scene was very different on top of Mount Washington in New Hampshire.  The doggos probably would've bolted right out into the yard eager to romp after that morning leak all that rain was snow here too...especially the husky!

Our dogs love seeing snow. Most of us of however do not, especially when it's 7 days ahead of Halloween. All the snow falling in parts of Maine and New Hampshire this morning was quite frankly, horrifying to many. We're just not ready for this!

Look at all the snow caught on video earlier today from our friends at the Mount Washington Observatory. An extreme reminder of what's to come...AHHHHHHHH!!!

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