Happy June! It might be in the '70s and '80s for you in the next few days, but it's still, believe it or not, snowing on the top of Mt. Washington. The top of Mt Washington (6288 feet high) is famously known as  "Home of the World's Worst Weather." Yup, even in June!

According to our friends at the Mt Washington Observatory, the mountain received almost an inch and a half of snow this week. I wonder if those fine people ever get sick of the weather up there?  Anyway, we were wondering if June snow on Mt Washington was a usual thing. And according to the weather geek site Current Results, it kind of is.

Overall, it snows about 118 days every year with a total of about 300 inches of snow! Over the past 10 years, the snowiest months have been December and January. By May, they're down to about 6 days of snow. And for June, about a day....with about an inch of accumulation. So hey, we're above the average for 2020! The snow machine usually takes July and August off but kicks back in during September with about 6 days of snow.





Hey, maybe someday you should "Seek the Peak" and head on up to the top of Mt Washington yourself to check out the weather. Until then, you can do a virtual hike and help out our friends at the Observatory. It's their 20th annual event to help raise money for a super worthy cause. Check it out!


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