With the incredible of loss of Edward Van Halen, we thought it would be good for us Blimpsters to recall all the the amazing times Van Halen has played Maine live in concert.

'The Noise Boys' as we affectionately call them, have brought their rock and circus to us a total of 9 times from 1978 to 2015.

There were four shows with David Lee Roth and five shows with Sammy Hagar at four different concert venues.

This complete list is bound to take you right back to the days in the parking lot with your best buds before showtime. Let's go back to a time when cranking the Fair Warning cassette on a shitty Clarion stereo in the El Camino and passing around a fat one was all we really needed.

I've got a feeling Eddie would love for his fans to honor his memory that way. Because, you know what? Whether you're cranking his records on a shitty car stereo or listening to high fidelity concert sound, his guitar playing always makes you feel truly alive.


We'll start our list of the 9 Times Van Halen Rocked Live In Maine with the last appearance.

On The Bangor Waterfront With David Lee Roth In 2015



It was a full twenty years between the very last VH show in Maine and the one prior.

Seashore Performing Arts Center At Old Orchard Beach With Sammy Hagar In      1995


Cumberland County Civic Center With Sammy Hagar In 1991


Monsters Of Rock At Oxford Plains Speedway With Sammy Hagar In 1988 


Cumberland County Civic Center Two Night Stand First Tour With Sammy Hagar In 1986

Night Two


Night One


Cumberland County Civic Center With David Lee Roth In 1981


First Time In Maine As Headliners At Cumberland County Civic Center With David Lee Roth In 1979


First Time Ever In Maine Opening For Black Sabbath In 1978


As you can see, there aren't any songs listed for the first Maine appearance of Van halen. If you were there and have any record of what they played, click the highlighted setlist.fm above and add them in. It's pretty easy to do.

Van Halen was very good to Blimpville over the years and many of us are downright blessed to have witnessed the Greatest Guitarist Of All Time. Rest in peace, Eddie. we thank you and will always love you.

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