Now that recreational pot is legal in Maine, you might be enjoying some chocolatey, grassy brownies. If you are buying the edible, be prepared for a possible kick.

According to News Center Maine, chocolate seems to interfere in potency tests, making the THC levels on labels inaccurate.

THC, known as tetrahydrocannabinol to you science types, is the chemical in pot that gets you high. Determining the levels of THC is important when prescribing it for pain to patients, and it's also good to know if you are a recreational user. Too much of the stuff can lead to hallucinations and possibly send you to the hospital.

Chemists are working to figure out why chocolate effects test results.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that the most used illegal drug in the U.S. is marijuana. There are about 22.2 million users each month. Even where it is legal, there aren't any recognized standards for testing pot products for safety or quality.

How high you get depends on a few things: prior experience with drugs, your genetics, how potent the pot is and how much you take.

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