Happy March 14th. Otherwise known as Pi day. You know. Pi. 3.14. Everybody's favorite mathematical constant.

Here's the 2016 Pi Day installment from Biddeford High School math teacher...the "Pi Guy" himself, Jon Jacques

If you're looking to be, or get more scientific for this Pi day., we recommend a visit to the Portland Science Center. They will be celebrating PI Day today wit their Pi Day Challenge. Can you memorize Pi to 10 digits? You could win a family four pack today!

The Portland Science Center has two exhibits going on right now. The SPACE-"A Journey to Our Future" exhibit looks very cool. You can get an up-close look at a wide range of artifacts from NASA’s space program, and actually touch rocks from the surface of Mars and the lunar surface of the Moon!


And don't miss The Robot Zoo at the Portland Science Center

  • Larger-than-life-size animated robots, indulging a chameleon and a platypus
  • Play “Swat the Fly” a test of human reaction time - one twelfth as fast as a house fly’s
  • Discover how a fly walks on the ceiling
Portland Science Center
Portland Science Center

Remember...GEEKS RULE THE WORLD! See you at the Portland Science Center.

portland science center



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