Did you go out and celebrate National Pi Day (March 14th)? Sure, National Pi Day is really a math thing, you know that number, pi, that goes on forever (3.1415926535...and so on), but I feel that pizza places know how much we love pizza and most pizza places will celebrate National Pi Day with a bunch of deals.

Of course, pizza places in Maine were no exception, offering deals on National Pi Day, however, one big pizza company did not get to honor their deal on March 14th.

Let's be honest, snow, more specifically a "nor'easter", can ruin a lot of plans, and it did just that this year, well, at least your possible dinner plans.

If you were planning on going to Portland Pie Company to celebrate National Pi Day, you couldn't take part in their amazing 10-inch cheese pizza deal for only $3.14.

According to WGME, Portland Pie Company postponed its annual deal due to the snow.

There is some good news though, they will be honoring this deal later this month! That's right, you can still plan to take advantage of their delicious $3.14 deal.

To get your hands on this tasty 10-inch cheese pizza for cheap money, you will want to go visit Portland Pie Company on March 21st.

It is March in Maine though, so who knows if the snow will decide to fall again, causing the restaurant to postpone this offer yet again.

Portland Pie Company has locations in Scarborough, Portland, and Windham.

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