A recent article by CNN has me asking, "WHY?!" IHOP is changing its name to IHOb, with a lowercase b. I love the acronym for International House of Pancakes because it's fun to say and I've been saying it since 1973!

Did their marketing group feel the need to refresh their image or something? In one way it worked because they are in the news, but not for the reason that I want them to be. There should be articles on all major networks about their delicious blintzes with strawberries and sour cream or the International Omelet!

IHOP is one of the very few parts of my childhood that has been a constant. I've been going to the one in South Portland since I was 7 or 8, and we were just there last weekend with our kids. We'll probably be there this weekend too, no matter what they call themselves. I'm not usually resistant to change, but I don't want the new name. It will always be IHOP to me. They can't make me say IHOb, it sounds silly.

IHOP flipped the P to a b, what does it stand for? I immediately thought "breakfast", folks on social media have more creative ideas. Comment of our Fan Page with your guess.

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