We had breakfast with family this past weekend and they served up those little microwavable sausages that I had forgotten I love! I love them because they are the epicenter of an IHOP Pigs in a Blanket! I've dallied with the International Omelette and the Crepes with Strawberries, but my first true IHOP love was the Pigs in a Blanket. My memory had been jogged, and now I was craving P.I.B. in a big way. So I scratched that itch and ordered them the next day. They were AWESOME! I don't even know why I strayed, I was crazy. These are so freaking good, I can't even...Wow, just wow.

When it comes to childhood treats these are way up there, but I will also add Dairy Queen Dilly Bars, Lisa's Pizza, any candy from the Saco Drive-InPier Fries, Dunkin' Donuts jelly donuts at Pepere's on Sundays and the hamburgers at York Steakhouse to the list. What was your favorite local childhood food? Comment on our Fan Page or tweet #mainechildhoodmemories

Oh, and Tobie's onion rings!


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