It may be lack of sleep, it may be mental decline brought on by old age, whatever the reason, I experienced a slip in my mental acuity and wrote 2014 on a form at the Pediatric Dentist's office. I wish that I could say it was a one-off and that this is a poor representation of my attention span, that would be a lie. On my way to the trash can yesterday I stopped, opened the refrigerator door, and stopped short of putting an empty yogurt container back into the refrigerator. Maybe I should be talking to my primary care physician about this? Nah. Everybody does this. Right? Tell me you do!

What is the strangest thing you've done by accident? Ever been on your way to one place and realize that you are driving in the wrong direction and traveling on auto pilot? No?! Me neither... But, if you DID...share it on our Fan Page or tweet #needsleep




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