If the Captain seems a little more sleep deprived as usual it's because he just got a puppy!  Her name is Quimby and she is 8 weeks old. Because of the two teenage daughters in Captain household, the puppy already has her own Instagram account (of course) so she can share her fabulous puppy adventures. And now the Captain is jealous....of his own dog.



In just a week Quimby The Yellow Lab has about 250 Instagram followers and is quickly gaining on number of followers the Captain has. Will Quimby surpass the longest-serving DJ on the WBLM airstaff and become the most-famous puppy in Maine?

I mean, whom would YOU rather follow? This four-legged Cutie....?


...Or this two-legged freaky DJ?


Sounds like a Battle Royale! Listen to the Captain talk about it this morning and the smart-ass trick he is playing on people when they ask what type of dog she is...







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