The court of public opinion has spoken and the current owners of the building that once housed Brian Boru in Portland, Maine have heard the response loud and clear. News broke earlier this month that the iconic building could be torn down to build out a future parking lot. Uproar from the public followed but so did some interesting offers. Rather than tear down such a unique structure, why not relocate it?

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According to News Center Maine, the current owners of the Brian Boru building are willing to listen to those offers and have pulled their request for demolition to the city. This opens to the door to prospective parties who would be interested in footing the cost of picking up the building and relocating to another location in Portland. Sounds completely far fetched, but it is possible.

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Removing and restoring the Brian Boru building seems like an incredibly daring and challenging project in itself. But with the current status of real estate in Portland and surrounding areas, the biggest and most challenging obstacle may be to find enough open space to relocate a building that size. Where is there enough space to move a large, two-story pub? Your guess is as good as ours.

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For now, those who love cherish memories made inside the structure won't have to worry about seeing it torn down. But if the offers don't pour in to move it, next summer the conversation about Brian Boru may be entirely different.

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