The 25-foot tall fisherman statue in Boothbay, Maine is an iconic landmark for the area and has been since the 1960s.

His name is Captain Brown and he was erected and placed outside Brown's Warf Inn in 1968 according to the Boothbay Register.

The Boothbay Register also reported that Captain Brown used to have a speaker so those at the front desk at Brown's Wharf Inn could mess with passers-by. Something I personally think they should bring back ASAP.

During Christmas, Captain Brown becomes Captain Claus as he dons a giant red robe and full white beard.

But wherever there's an opportunity for perversion people will take it.

It's long been a running joke of locals and tourists alike that if you view Captain Brown from a side angle it appears he's a bit of an exhibitionist.

Matthew Bartrug
Matthew Bartrug

While a hilarious photo op, taking a peek at Captin Brown from the front proves it's just his thumb!

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So, next time you're in Boothbay be sure to stop by and pay ol' Captain Brown a visit. He'll be happy to see you!

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