The Captain's Evil Twin Makes the Mask PSA He Wishes He Had Made
I found my twin this weekend. And guess what, we both have recently made Public Service Announcements to promote people to wear masks. What are the odds of that? When I did mine I wanted it to be a little bit understated. I wanted to make my points and not come off too preachy. I really do think peo…
What's Your Earliest Rock and Roll Memory?
Do you remember the moment you knew you were going to love Rock and Roll for the rest of your life? Was it a subtle push or was it a lightning bolt? Maybe it was a song you heard on the radio or maybe even at a show. For me, it was a cool older brother and Led Zeppelin.
Win A Spot on the WBLM Morning Show and Get PINKED!
The Captain has been chosen to be in the Real Men Wear Pink campaign to help the American Cancer Society. If you give to his campaign you'll not only help raise funds for the amazing things the ACS is doing but also put yourself in a contest where you could win a spot as a Co-Host on the BLM Mo…

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