Who needs a Leatherman or a Swiss Army knife when you have a Dunkin Donuts card?! This multi-purpose tool saved me again when I woke up to an icy windshield. It worked in a pinch, but it's not completely indestructible, so I set out to find a certified snow brush/ice scraper. The first gas station that I went to was out, and that made me nervous. Why do I always wait until the first storm to dig out the tools I need to carry out a responsible life during the winter in Maine? You can't call in to work because you haven't found your snow scraper from last year! I know. I've tried. My next stop was Shaw's Mill Creek to pick up pork tenderloin for dinner. This being a Maine supermarket, I thought they just might have a scraper for me. They had two left, only two! That's one more than I needed! Joy! Joy! I used my 22" Super Deluxe again this morning and felt like a well put together grown up.


Last year I started off the winter storm season using a plastic spatula to clean off my car. What's the craziest thing you've used to clear your windows? Comment on our Fan Page or tweet #unconventionalscraper

Now if I can figure out how to keep my windshield from fogging up...