It's only a guaranteed lifetime position with implications for generations to come, so ya better have some appropriate tuneage ready...


"Good Morning Judge", 10cc ('Deceptive Bends', 1977) - "Well good morning Judge, how are you today/I'm in trouble, please put me away...". 10cc always had the knack of making serious statements underneath some of the catchiest, poppiest hooks around.

"Funky Judge", The J. Geils Band ('Nightmares', 1974) - Having the Woofa-Goofa on trial with legendary comedian George Jessel as Your Honor? It opens with "Order in the court, thank you/I want no shenanigans in my courtoom", then it turns surreal with Peter Wolf trying to get out of it: "Aw, let me talk to you Judge/I didn't do it/What they told you was a lie". Funny stuff actually.

"The Trial", Pink Floyd ('The Wall', 1979) - Grim, dark, chilling and grotesque. "I have never heard before/Of someone more deserving the full penalty of law". The Judge finds Pink guilty of "Showing feelings of an almost human nature" which makes him want, well, never mind, we don't have to go there...

"Murder In My Heart For The Judge", Moby Grape ('Wow', 1968) - "The judge looked down at me and said/For getting smart, boy, I'm gonna give you more than a lifetime". The upbeat, jug-band blues, drunken slide guitar and sing alongside chorus make for a rather interesting social injustice checklist.

"Pig, Sheep And Wolves", Paul Simon ('You're The One', 2000) - While the title pretty much tells you all you need to know, the lyrics elaborate the subject matter: "Court-appointed lawyer wasn't very bright/Or maybe he was bright/Maybe he just had a late night/And he files some feeble appeal". Paul Simon's 10th studio album here is likely his most under-appreciated.


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