Everybody's got a couple of these: Name a band or an artist that you pretty much can't stand (easy!). What do you do when a song comes along by 'em that you actually like? It's a classic rock conundrum is what it is. Oh, and One-Hit Wonders don't count...


REO Speedwagon, "Tough Guys" ('Hi-Infidelity', 1980) - Maybe it was nostalgia of The Little Rascals intro or maybe it was in the lyrics "They think they're full of fire/She thinks they're full of s--t". Decent rockin' from a band that usually induces yawns.

Asia, "Only Time Will Tell" - The bands self-titled debut was the biggest selling record of 1982, but I can't name one song on this record other than the two opening tracks. This one's got a terrific arrangement, great vocals and singalong hooks, mighty fine stuff. Too bad the rest are achingly boring prog-rock walk-thru's.

Billy Joel...no, wait, there aren't any. Next...

Jefferson Starship, "Caroline" ('Dragon Fly', 1974) and "Miracles" ('Red Octopus', 1974) - Singer/songwriter Marty Balin's final contributions were the only songs worth mentioning at all when it comes to the "We Sold Our Soul To Make Rent" philosophy that pretty much forever maligned the reputation of what was once one of the most important bands of the 1960's. Then the dreaded name change.

The Carpenters, "Superstar" (1971) - Written by Bonnie Bramlett and Leon Russell back in 1969, "Superstar" is, quite simply and honestly, one of the most beautiful love songs available to all mankind. And regardless of what you think about the band, Karen Carpenter's singing on here is beyond exquisite, one of the most compellingly beautiful vocals ever recorded.

There are lots more of course, but we don't have enough time at the moment to go into the collected works of Ted Nugent and/or Styx, so until we meet again, "Woof"!




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