Anyone remember an old comic strip called "There Oughta Be A Law"? Well, this is kinda sorta like that...maybe.


--- For starters, "your" is what's called a determiner, as in "What is your name?" or "Your Mother Should Know". "You're" is short for "you are", also known as a contraction, as in "You're My Best Friend". They actually mean two different things, so try and get it right. Words matter folks.

--- As far as a civilized society is concerned, a yellow traffic light does not mean go faster.

--- Is there anyone else that thinks the crowd-in-the-stadium sound effects they're using for NFL games so far is simply to drown out the insanely nasty trash talk that's happening on the field? We're finally getting the chance to hear what the lineman really said to the tight end, so just let us have it. Whaddaya think, it's too saucy for TV? At least broadcast some of the games "in the raw" (or "unfiltered", if you will). It could take the game-day experience to a whole new level, 'cuz right now you're fooling nobody.

--- While we're at it, can we get, say, five games played before we start raving about which teams are gonna be great and which have no chance? It's like those damn political poll numbers, you can't predict what someone's gonna do once they really go to vote. Chances are Tom Brady won't throw another two-interception game for a while, and sooner or later Cam Newton's gonna fumble big time.

--- The pandemic wins a round: I guess I can wait for the final Daniel Craig as 007 movie to come out on pay-per-view or DVD or whatever. Never thought I'd ever say that...

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