I just want to pick up and snuggle each and every baby goat seen in this adorable new video from Sunflower Farm in Cumberland.

If that were to happen, I'd better clear out my schedule for the day.

According to the details in the description on their YouTube channel, there are "61 total babies!"

By now, most of us all know and love the Sunflower Farm goats going back to the days when we first saw the babies in pajamas.

The first births of the season happened in early April at Sunflower Farm. My friend Hope Hall runs this incredible place with her family.

She does a fantastic job of regularly capturing much of the barnyard goat joy and kindly shares it with us regularly on YouTube and Facebook.

Hope released this one last week. I tell ya what. Watching adorable heart melters never gets old.

It starts with a boisterous chorus in barn. I think are wicked excited to be let out and have some breakfast. First we see the grown-ups head out into the yard. Then, here come the babies.

Hope explains, "In the morning they are set free and in a herd of 30 adults and 61 babies, somehow find their mother lightning quick!"

Watching another fantastic video of all these precious creatures reminds me of how much I miss taking my family there for a visit.

We know from personal experience that if you're feeling grumpy at all, hanging out with baby goats (and big goats too) will straighten you right out.

Thinking about making a playdate with the goats at Sunflower Farm?

Here's is the latest.

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