There was a scary incident that happened to a school bus carrying students to school on Monday morning in Bath. Luckily, it was handled just as it should have been. Bath Fire & Rescue shared a post on their Facebook describing what they responded to that morning.

The school bus got entangled in some live low-hanging power lines which, according to the photos, appear to have gotten caught on a strobing light on the rear roof of the bus. Everyone on the bus stayed right where they were, remaining calm until Central Maine Power arrived on the scene to safely remove the wire from the bus.

Bath Fire & Rescue gave the students kudos for handling the whole thing so well.

If you remember being taught about what happens when lightning strikes your car, this is basically the same concept. However, it's not rubber tires that protect you from the electricity as many people think. It's the frame of the vehicle.

According to I Drive Safely, when a power line lands on a vehicle you are in, the electricity gets dispersed by the metal frame of the cat, which keeps people inside safe. You should stay in the vehicle and call 911 without touching the frame or any part of the vehicle that is metal.

If it's dangerous to remain in the vehicle due to something life-threatening like a fire, avoid touching the frame. Fold your arms and keep your body as compact as possible. Hop out, keeping your feet together and on the ground when you land. Stay clear of the downed power line.

To the students on that bus, great job staying safe. And thanks to CMP for acting quickly to take care of the line.

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