Since the last five years included a global pandemic, we have sadly seen many businesses in our community announce they are closing their doors. Everything from daycare centers, to bakeries, to music venues.

When a business breaks the news to their followers on social media, you can convey by the tone of the post what's really going on. Are external factors forcing their hand? Or have they found a new opportunity that makes more sense for them? A South Portland brewery made a 'we're closing' announcement yesterday that was 100% the latter. Though it is bittersweet, I couldn't help but read the post and think, "Good for you!"

Foulmouthed Brewing has been kicking it in a converted garage on Ocean Street in South Portland for the last eight years. They have been serving flights of house beer and modern comfort food to the SoPo community.

They were presented with an opportunity to sell the business, and simply couldn't pass it up. It was the right time for them to move on, and though it is sad, they are super excited for the next chapter.

The details seem hazy (like a good IPA), but from what they were allowed to share, an independent brewery with plenty of experience working in Maine will continue to operate as a restaurant and brewery under a different name at the 15 Ocean Street location.

The Foulmouthed folks are so proud of how they transformed a dilapidated old building (their words, not mine) into a thriving business. They thanked all of their staff and customers (turned friends) for a solid run! Their last day of regular business will be Sunday, April 28. Pop in for a final flight and your last Foulmouthed Sunday Funday.

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