Well, I guess if the police are not worried, you shouldn't worry!

The Kennebunk Police Department has quite a comedic side to them. And, I am not talking about the Police Lip Sync Challenge taking over the country. It's hard sometimes to remember that police officers are just like us. Well, with the hug difference that they are risking their lives everyday to protect us. But, if probably helps to cut the tension with a good ole laugh sometimes.

Apparently the coyotes in Kennebunk have been flaunting themselves around town. In fact, a bit too much. Coyote sightings have been on the up tic and the police want you to know this is ok. That is because they are living in their natural habitat. We are just living in their world ya know?! So, they posting this hilarious warning to the residents about when to call them when you see a coyote.

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