Kurt Cobain

According to WMTW, the guitar belonging to Kurt Cobain from his most iconic performance will be going up for auction next month, and the bidding will start at one million dollars.

It was 1993 when Cobain taped MTV "Unplugged" in New York, and it felt like the world stood still. I remember watching it and feeling a connection to him for the first time. He sang, "The Man Who Sold the World" by David Bowie and it was tender and effortless.

Kurt was wearing a baggy, fluffy green sweater, his blonde hair looked dirty and he was wearing some cool beads. He was the poster boy for grunge, and in his hands was a very rare, customized guitar that was very, very Kurt Cobain.

The green sweater that he wore during "Unplugged" sold at auction for $334,000 dollars, setting a record for "most expensive sweater" sold at auction. Last October another guitar that Kurt played during Nirvana's 1993 "In Utero" tour sold for $340,000.

According to WMTW's report, the guitar going up for auction is the one that Cobain played in the famous "Unplugged" show, and is a rare D-18e that he had customized by adding a Bartolini pickup to the soundhole.

The hard guitar case that held his treasure is also part of the lot. Musician's guitar cases intrigue me, they are like rock n roll purses, and I always want to know what's inside. Inside Kurt's case was a suede stash bag that had a tiny silver fork, spoon and knife on it and a half package of Martin guitar strings. The case itself still has three baggage claim stubs on the handle and it's been decorated with a flyer from the 1990 album, "Feel the Darkness" by the band Poison Idea; who I am going to Google as soon as I finish this article.

This show was taped just five months before Kurt took his own life. Even though Nirvana was all over MTV and the radio, this was when I truly discovered Kurt Cobain.

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