Governor Paul LePage and his family lost their beloved family dog, Baxter last month and they had been searching for another Jack Russell Terrier mix. They found one named Jasper on the Greater Androscoggin Humane Society website and the governor stopped in to see him on Tuesday, a day before the shelter's policy release date. Personnel at the shelter offered to let LePage take the dog home. It seems like a nice story of the adoption of a dog who had been sent up from a southern kill shelter and landed a spot at the Blaine House. But there is more to the story...

Heath Arseneault from Mexico was looking for a small dog to act as a emotional support after being sexually assaulted. Arseneault can't stand human touch right now. She can't be comforted by a touch or hug, so she was looking on the shelter's website for a canine companion when she saw Jasper on Monday-and fell in love with him. That was the day before the governor saw the pup. Her cousin went to the shelter in Poland to meet the dog and found him to be a sweet match for Arseneault. She called the shelter and was told that Jasper would be available for adoption on a first-come, first-served basis on Wednesday morning when the shelter opened. It's not unusual for their to be a line at the shelter on adoption days because people have seen their potential pet online. Arseneault took the day off from work, showing up 3 and a half hours before they opened, to be first in line to adopt Jasper. Jasper was now named, "Veto" and was with the governor's family. Arseneault was crushed.

The Greater Androscoggin Humane Society broke their own rules and gave the dog to LePage a day before the dog was eligible for adoption because he is governor, and they thought it would be great exposure for the shelter. They have offered to help Arseneault find another dog, but maybe they should have offered that option to our governor instead.

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With all of that said, this non-profit does a lot of great work. Last year over 1,500 dogs were adopted from the shelter, and they have a strict adoption policy to ensure that their animals go to safe, responsible homes.


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