Welcome back to school! Well, kind of. Here we go with another semester of sometimes /always/never schooling at home. or sometimes/always/never at school. Kudos to all the teachers, staff, students, and parents who are trying to make it all work! My kid was at high school for a bit today and happily, it did not feel too weird to her or me. It was our first trip back to school in 6 months!  She will spend some time at school and a lot of time at home, so Celeste and I starting thinking about all the kids and parents who will be listening every morning as everyone attempts to start their day. Parents attempting to work while watching over their kids and kids trying to learn something...anything... on Zoom. We thought it might be a good idea for us to start making "Home School Morning Announcements." You know, kind of in the style of when your principal used to do them to start the day.

Here's the WBLM Morning Show's take on "Home School Morning Announcements." Enjoy and hang in there everybody. You're doing just great!




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