Opportunities to receive a COVID-19 vaccine are readily available to Mainers these days but the state, employers, and local businesses are still looking for ways to incentivize people.

Your Shot to Get Outdoors!

Recently the state of Maine started the program 'Your Shot to Get Outdoors!' which gives Mainers who get their first shot of Phizer or Moderna or the single-dose shot of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine through the end of the month a choice of a reward such as a hunting license, Sea Dogs ticket, L.L. Bean Gift Card and more. See more details here.

Mobile Vaccination Units

Even more recently announced is that mobile vaccination clinics are now open to coming to organizations with 10 or more people according to WGME. This includes businesses, churches, clubs, and anything in between.

Shot & a Beer

Now Cushnoc Brewing Company based in Augusta is hosting a Shot & a Beer night. Waldo County General Hospital will be there administering the one-dose Johnson and Johnson vaccine. This is only happening at their Annex location on Route 3 in Augusta, if you arrive on June 4th between 5 pm and 7 pm for a vaccine, a beer is on the house. More details and keep up to date on the event page here.

Cushnoc stresses that vaccination is a choice and they are simply offering the option if you so choose.

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