Every Wednesday from spring through late fall is a special treat on Monument Square as farmers bring their crops to the masses for a vibrant Portland Farmers Market. I love meeting the hard working people that grow and produce an assortment of delicious fresh foods. I'm a sucker for a sample, and in this heat it's important to think safety while supporting our local farmers.

Food Safety News has some great Farmers Market shopping tips to prevent food borne illness:

  • Check to see that the person handling your food has clean hands, if they are serving samples they should be wearing gloves.
  • A Food Safety Certification Notice is a good indicator that food is being properly handled.
  • Make sure that cold foods are being kept cold and hot foods are being kept hot.
  • Samples should be served with tongs, tissues, utensils or gloved hands.
  • Bring an insulated cooler with ice if you're planning on buying perishables like eggs, meat or dairy.

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