It's time to follow up on my Portland Farmer's Market Local Produce Experiment! This week I picked up some gorgeous Golden Beets from Andy at Freedom Farm. I roasted them to create a salad. I thought it was delicious, but let's get another opinion. Michelle offered to be my taste tester!

Explore your local farmer's market and try something new! The bounty is rolling in with new vegetables every week. What should I try next? Farmers out there, I would love to hear from you! Facebook me, #farmersmarketexperiment, or tweet us.

If you are already a fan of the beet, or just a good book, I suggest "Jitterbug Perfume" by Tom Robbins. One of my favorite books of all time and it offers a very interesting take on the soulful beet.

Beet it, just beet it,


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