With most of the world closed down our essential workers are so important, two familiar faces are looking to fill positions at local stores; Home Depot and Hannaford.

These are two retailers that I can't do without and if you are looking for work, they would be happy to have you.

According to Dave White, spokesperson for Home Depot, they have 150 openings at the Portland store for both part time and full time associates. To protect workers as well as customers the stores have cancelled their spring promotions to prevent crowds, expanded curbside pick-up, curtailed store hours to allow for proper cleaning and sanitization and are enforcing social distancing.

Customer service is key for the Depot. I know this from recent visits, there has always been an associate nearby asking if they can help me find something. Since they are limiting the amount of shoppers, employees are working hard to get folks what they need as quickly as possible so that new shoppers can enter the store.

Some job opportunities include monitoring social distancing, pulling curbside and delivery orders and night freight workers who re-stock. Let's talk money, the incentives are pretty awesome; weekly bonuses of $50 for part time workers, $100 weekly bonus for full time workers and double overtime pay.

Search job opportunities at your local Home Depot here.

Now on to Hannaford, who is hiring about 2,000 workers in the northeast. There seem to be opportunities available both day and night as they are looking for cashiers and customer service associates, part-time stock crew associates, night freight re-stocking associates, customer service leaders and more.

Go here to find out what positions are available at your local Hannies and apply online.

Are you looking for work and would you feel comfortable doing so in a retail setting with the new measures in place? Comment on our Fan Page.

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