I learned about Green Light a Vet a while ago. I had every intention of replacing my porch light with a green one to show support for our veterans, but never got around to it. Mark and Sabelle were at Home Depot this Memorial Day weekend and she did remember. I was very proud of her when she came home with it and explained what it represented. It was important to her, and that made my heart swell. Our Monday parade was cancelled because of the weather, but I remembered how moved I was by last year's Memorial Day parade. I've been going to them for years, but last year I got it. As I watched a frail old soldier proudly march in full uniform it hit me. I imagined what he had lost in the war, who he had lost and what he may have seen. My chest constricted and my eyes watered. I imagined how much energy it took him to march the entire parade and wondered what he was feeling. After the parade, the crowd stood in silence for a ceremony of remembrance. As people separated to go get ice cream or find their Girl Scout who had marched, I noticed how many went over to shake that old soldier's hand. It's not much to have a light on, but in my small way I want soldiers to know that my family is thinking of them, praying for them.

Don't wait for our next Veteran's Day to show your support.

Thank you for your service, soldiers.


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