This isn't a problem we experience in our kitchen. My wife and I are the oddball coffee drinkers who bring the ceramic mug along for the ride to work in the morning. I know, I know. The risk of spilling coffee all over your lap during the commute is a real threat. And trust me, we've had our fair share of java dumps over the years.

Nevertheless, we still prefer coffee that way, as opposed to the plastic travel mug. It just doesn't taste right to us. Turns out, the ceramic coffee mugs are easier to keep clean too.

That idea was crystalized for me when I saw this video on Facebook posted by Bill Kiely of Biddeford. If you haven't made this yucky discovery yourself yet, wait till you see what doesn't get clean on these things unless you take them apart! Ewww, gross! Thanks for the warning, Bill. The people of Blimpville appreciate you alerting us. Here's to truly clean travel mugs for all! And even though my wife and I don't use them, this reminds me that it's probably time to descale the coffee maker too. Yeah, the indicator lights been on for a minute.

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