Brunswick native Teagan Wright has taken us all over Vacationland to visit the hardworking folks that help make our state the best place on Earth.

And this guy does it all, creating directing and hosting the show. Not only does he host, he gets right into the dirty work along with the people he features.

His wicked fun mini-documentaries started out as a series called From Away a few years back on Portland's Fox 23Or maybe it was WPXT Maine's CWI can't 'membah, dude.

I tell ya what though. A local station really ought to pick this talented Mainer back up again and put him on the TV again.

Teagan's great sense of humor and unbridled enthusiasm for his and our home, makes these videos a real winnah. .

Honey is the the one thing that makes me call myself a plant based eater and not an official  vegan. I love honey and the fact that it comes from a creature and not a plant, I guess is a no-no on the vegan diet.

The way I look at it. The bees are slurping up nectar from flowers, which are plants and then depositing it into the hive where it becomes honey. So for this plant-eater, that's close enough.

This episode takes us behind the scenes with the pros at Swan's Honey in Albion, Maine.

We'll learn everything from how they bravely collect the honeycombs in the field to how they meticulously extract that heavenly sticky stuff.

Frickin' sweet, guy!

You can see more funny and informative videos by following Teagan Wright Comedy.

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