Wait, “Vacationland” isn’t fun?

We all have different definitions of fun, and when it comes to finding a place that perfectly aligns with our idea of entertainment, the search can be challenging. WalletHub, a leading financial resource, released its report on "2023's Most Fun States in America." Our Pine Tree State may not have secured a top spot, but at least we weren't last, and that's something to take pride in, right?

WalletHub assessed 26 crucial factors to evaluate all 50 states and identify the ones that provide an enjoyable experience while remaining affordable. Factors such as movie costs, accessibility of national parks, and nightlife options per capita were taken into account.

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Among the top five states on the list were California, Florida, Nevada, New York, and Illinois, known for their diverse range of activities and entertainment options. However, it's important to remember that “fun” is subjective and can vary from person to person. 

New England states took a beating in the rankings, with Massachusetts securing the 28th spot, followed by Maine at 41st, Connecticut at 43rd, New Hampshire at 44th, Vermont at 45th, and Rhode Island at 47th. 

In some specific areas, Maine stood out among the pack. We shared the first position in terms of skiing facilities per capita with Vermont, Colorado, Idaho, and Montana. Maine's natural landscape and abundance of snow attract winter enthusiasts from around the country.

Winter Camping At Sebago Lake State Park
Winter Camping At Sebago Lake State Park

Additionally, Maine was tied for first place in marinas per capita alongside Florida, New York, Massachusetts, and Maryland. This indicates that Maine's coastal beauty and access to water-based activities unsurprisingly make it an appealing destination for boaters and maritime enthusiasts. 

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The report also revealed that Maine ranked first in terms of the variety of arts, entertainment and recreation establishments. Our state's commitment to providing diverse cultural experiences highlights the thriving arts scene in Maine.

Scott Miller
Scott Miller

However, it's worth noting that Maine ranked 49th in state and local expenditures on parks and recreation per capita. It’s essential to remember that Maine's appeal lies in its natural tranquility and untouched landscapes, which don't necessarily require significant financial investments.

Ultimately, the report serves as a reminder that "fun" means different things to different people. Maine continues to entice visitors and residents with its unique blend of tranquility and cultural richness, inviting all those who seek a slower-paced, nature-centric lifestyle to experience Vacationland’s serene charm.

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