According to the Portland Press Herald, plow trucks are out on Portland's hot, dry streets as new drivers get trained.

If you witnessed snow plow trucks doing a dry run on the streets this week, you may have thought that you were hallucinating from the heat. But no! The City of Portland had a huge plow driver turnover last winter and had to replace 14 or 15 drivers, and now they are training before The Big Show hits. That would be snow.

I can barely manage my elderly S.U.V. never mind one of those ginormous plow trucks. My lack of spatial awareness prohibits me from ever being a school bus or snow plow driver. Getting the trucks out on the streets is great practice for the newbies. They make sure that everything is working on the trucks, learn how to handle corners and do turns, get used to the plow and the big wing thingy and overall develop a skill set that could save your mailbox from destruction this winter.

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