According to WMTW, local artist, Ryan Adams has created a mural to show gratitude to "Helpers and Heroes" on the famous graffiti wall along Back Cove Trail.

The graffiti art is done in Adams' distinctive style and features playful images of some of the people making the world go round, along with the words, "To the Helpers and Heroes: Thank You!"

WMTW reports that back in 2017 the wall was almost taken down. Ultimately, the city of Portland saved it.

Seriously, how cool is this painting? I love the way the letters have a bold shadow around them, like the sun is always shining to cast one. It's uplifting, all of the essential personnel look happy to be pitching in, and I hope that's how most of them feel about their important role right now.

My kids are learning, I'm getting mail and the trash isn't piling up on the streets. I wish that I could say thank you as eloquently as Ryan. Thanks to him for speaking on our behalf.

Check out more of his crazy-cool artwork at


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