According to WGME, Kevin Frost from Maine Guide School 360, is teaching nine teachers how to become Maine Guides and inspire them to get students outdoors.

This is for real, and the final test is really difficult; less than 50% of those taking the test to become a certified Maine Guide pass. The group of teachers, who were serious students in order to becoming teachers, feel like they are up for it. The student teachers are learning about water rescues, outdoor survival, first aid, making a fire and much more. The goal for Kevin Frost is for Maine Guides to be in schools; introducing Maine kids to Maine's terrain, waters, wildlife and outdoor recreation.

The article goes on to report that the teachers have different backgrounds and different experiences with the outdoors. I think it's great that they had to fill out  an "Outdoor Resume". It could include anything from hiking, paddling, skiing or even snow ball fights. That's quirky and so very Maine.

Along with different outdoor experiences, the teachers have different classroom experiences as well. Some are college professors, some elementary and some high school teachers; all looking forward to bringing what they learn back to their classrooms.

Frost puts a big emphasis on safety and he hopes the teachers bring a push to outdoor learning back to their classrooms.

Test dates are July 14th and 15th and if anyone knows how to study for these tests, it's this group. Best of luck and much respect to those who took part.

If you want more information about becoming a Maine Guide visit Maine Guide School 360.

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