Several Maine schools are considering making snow days a thing of the past, and it's got people from across the state talking online about whether that's a good idea or not.

The Bangor Daily News ran a story today about the plight of the students in Five Town Community School District and School Administration District 28, a combined district in Knox County.

These poor kids could get the snow day axe first.

The leadership of these school departments are considering turning snow days into "remote school days," where students would work and learn from home.

Whatever happened to snowball fights with the neighborhood kids?

The BDN says that instead of being normal kids and playing outside in the snow, these miserable youths would be forced to "complete assigned work online or work on projects that would be due when they return to their classrooms."

Man... I'm glad I grew up in the '90s, when the internet was this weird thing that made a noise on the phone.

Administrators are defending the decision by saying that in the business world, adults usually just work from home if they can during bad weather events like winter storms.

Yes, that's correct. That's what adults do.

But here's the thing... Kids aren't adults. Twelve-year-old kids should be able to enjoy a snowstorm.

Trust me, there'll be plenty of time later in life to grind away on "work projects" from the couch when the snow is piling up outside.

In the meantime, I would hope that these administrators just let these kids enjoy snow days like we got to.


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