What do Maine kids do on a snow day? Lots of them are playing video games, but some of them are being productive artists.

This creative film was posted to YouTube On March 23, 2010 by two Livermore Falls High School students, Keith Jewett and Nate Michaud. The following year, Livermore Falls High School combined with Jay High School to create Spruce Mountain High School. Keith and Nate made this claymation piece in Mr. Landry's digital media class back in the day. I hope they play it at their ten year reunion!

I love how Santa and the neighborhood kids keep putting the snowman back together. Keith and Nate came up with many ways of trying to destroy the snowman and I appreciate their creativity. The voice over is hilarious too.

Will the snowman be destroyed? You'll have to watch and see! Share your snow-day creations with us on our Fan Page.




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