Summer officially ends on Monday. We welcome Fall and say goodbye to the dumpster fire that was the Summer of 2020. We do hope amidst the global pandemic, social unrest, the Red Sox just sucking, and hotter-than-hell temperatures that you had some decent beach time. If you were traveling on the highways and byways of Maine, you may have seen a wacky vanity license plate or two. There are zillions of them out there in Maine. Why do you ask? Because in Maine, you can put ANYTHING on your license plate. That's right, ZERO restrictions. Is it a good idea? Probably not, but it makes for interesting viewing on your journey. Thanks to Morgan, the king of Maine Vanity Plates, we have collected our faves from the past summer. Check out his amazing Instagram page for many, many more.



Besr of the Summer Plates


And btw you may want to play a fun new game that we play around the radio station. It’s called “Is It a Plate?”  Basically, you come up with your own 7-character plate idea. You put it into the State of Maine Vanity Plate Generator to see if that plate already actually EXISTS. Now you can play the game either way. You make it so if you get a “match” you win….OR you can play it so if there is no plate in Maine with your entry that you win. You may be surprised either way what craziness lurks on the roads of the Pine Tree State.

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