We found some vanity plates this week that could only come from The 207. That's because Mainers have their own language and wicked cool accent and like to translate that onto our crazy Maine vanity license plates.

Culled from the collection on Instagram of Vanity of Maine, we've got an excellent assortment for you this week. Morgan is the King of Maine Vanity and spends countless hours driving around finding these plates for your amusement.

If you are new to the Vanity Plate Concept here in the Pine Tree State, it's rather easy...and ridiculous. You see, for some reason, we can put ANY WORD (and we mean any word) on your Maine plate as long as it's seven characters or less.

Here'a gallery of some Morgan added to his collection this week. 

Maine Vanity Plates


If you love our weekly Maine Vanity Plate articles, you may want to play a fun new game that we play around the radio station. It’s called “Is It a Plate?”

Basically, you come up with your own 7-character plate idea. You put it into the State of Maine Vanity Plate Generator to see if that plate already actually EXISTS.

Now you can play the game either way.

You make it so if you get a “match” you win….OR you can play it so if there is no plate in Maine with your entry that you win.

You may be surprised either way what craziness lurks on the roads of the Pine Tree State.


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