Maine vanity plates

You Want Silly Maine License Plates? You Got It
Happy October! In honor of Autumn kicking into high gear, we proudly bring you another pumpkin-spiced-leaves-are-falling edition of Maine Vanity Plates. Culled from the collection on Instagram of Vanity of Maine, we've got an excellent assortment for you this week.
Maine Vanity Plates “Best of the Summer” Collection
If you were traveling on the highways and byways of Maine, you may have seen a wacky vanity license plate or two. There are zillions of them out there in Maine. Why do you ask? Because in Maine, you can put ANYTHING on your license plate. That's right, ZERO restrictions. Is it a good idea? Pro…
A Gallery of the Latest and Greatest Maine Vanity Plates
I am so thankful right now for the things that are constant in my life. There is so much change and disruption. The things that have made it through the pandemic so far are some of the strongest forces in the world. My friends. My family. Good Maine microbrews. Classic Rock. And crazy and ridiculous…
The Best of July: Maine Vanity License Plates
So much disruption in our world. Global pandemics. Social unrest. Shark attacks. Up is down, left is right, cats and dogs living together. I mean, really. But there is one constant in our lives that continue. It's the fact that Mainers continue to come up with the most creative, insightful, and…
Best of Maine Vanity Plates Mid-Winter Edition
Vanity of Maine has the greatest collection of Maine vanity plates in the World. Kudos to Morgan and his team for curting this incredible Instagram account. Mainers can and DO say anything on their vanity plates. Here are some of the best from the past few weeks.
Mainers Speak Their Mind With Their Crazy License Plates
Here we go again. Another round of funny, clever, profane and often completely inappropriate Maine vanity license plates. This week's round was found by the King of Maine Vanity Plates...Morgan at Vanity of Maine. Morga has spent hundreds of hours and taken thousands of pictures to bring you th…

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