Towns and cities across Maine are working like crazy to fill in and patch potholes, the season is here. Freezing and thawing makes our roadways a mess. Here's what you need to know if your vehicle has gotten all stoved up thanks to potholes.

According to, Maine's commonly called "pothole law" works this way:

Municipalities are required keep roadways in good shape and to address written notice of vehicle damage or injury caused by potholes or a "deadly fixed object" such as a mailbox post within 24 hours.

To make a claim:

  • The defect that caused injury or damage must have taken place in a town way.
  • The damage must be the result of a highway defect.
  • The town or city must have  failed to repair the defect reasonably within 24 hours.

If multiple reports are received, a cone or sign should be placed to alert other drivers until repairs are made.

According to some Mainers are taking matters into their own hands and filling potholes with plastic grocery bags. In Portland some people have put side-view mirrors in potholes to bring attention to them, according to the article.

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