I am in tears right now as I write this. I am shocked and saddened to see reports in my Facebook news feed that the world has apparently lost an truly inspiring man and friend of us here at WBLM.

I was actually driving through Monmouth just this past Saturday on my way to DJ a wedding reception and thought of Jeff wondering how he was doing and hoping all was well.

When I read it the news today, I immediately went to his Facebook page hoping it wasn't true. It is filled with loving tributes from friends and family. I thought of his Mom and how heartbroken she must be. Jeff always seen to go on adventures with his mother. We were honored to meet her about a year ago when Jeff was on the WBLM Morning show to further spread awareness about Maine veterans with PTSD and how we all can help.


He also brought his positive energy and wonderful sense of humor felt by all listening that morning. It is difficult to articulate my feelings exactly how I'd like to right now since this something terrible that I have just learned. All I can really say right now is, "Oh no." Of course the first natural question is, "What happened?"

We haven't learned that answer yet. What is important now is offering all the love and support we have to everyone fortunate enough to know and feel the love of this great human being.

Listen to Jeff Paradis live in the studio with us on the WBLM Morning Show. You'll also hear a call from a Veteran with a message for Jeff that had us all crying. We love all our veterans so much. Here at WBLM we will do our best to keep his message of "You're F*cking Worth It!" spreading for years to come.

Thank you, Jeff. We are so privileged to call you, friend.

Veterans and family members can get help by calling the Veterans Crisis Line at 1-800-273-8255.

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