We've teamed up with the great folks at SIS Bank for the Touchdowns for Good program to help non-profits here in Maine. For every touchdown our New England team makes, SIS Bank will donate $50 dollars to a Maine charity. VMAT, which provides 100% free martial arts training for U.S. military veterans, reserves and active duty is their recipient for the month of December.

VMAT stands for  Veterans Martial Arts Training and was founded by Scott Lombardo who is the grandson of a WWII veteran and a cancer survivor. Scott was given less than a 10% chance of survival and martial arts helped to pull him through, allowing him to be here to help others.

Scott and his staff provide the structure, comraderie, balance, discipline and fellowship that many vets need to help overcome obstacles that are a result of their service. It took many years, but Scott has adapted the form of Isshinryu Karate to accommodate amputees with and without prosthetics, wheelchair bound vets and vets that have experience traumatic injury; whether it be physical or mental.

Here is an interview of Scott Lombardo with Captain Herb Ivy:

If you are a veteran, or know a veteran who would benefit from VMAT, please reach out.

If you are interested in supporting VMAT with a donation, here's where it would go:

$50 -    provides a quality karate uniform for one Veteran
$100 -  provides one Veteran a lifetime of training materials
$250 -  provides training once per month for an active or reserve military unit
$1000 -  provides rent for one month
$1500 -provides for VMAT's annual insurance

Thank you to SIS Bank for developing Touchdowns For Good, and not only donating money, but bringing attention to some of the organizations that are changing the lives of our Maine veterans. SIS Bank also offers a special Veterans Bundle to help out Maine vets and their families.

Thanks for your service, veterans. We owe you big.

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