Probably after lobsters, moose are likely the animals people associate with us first when they think of our beautiful state. They really are special to us. To be able to see one up close in a safe setting is quite an honor.

I remember visiting when our boys were younger and seeing this magnificent beast. This giant beloved creature was named "George". We have sad news to share from our friends at Maine Wildlife Park in Gray. "George" passed away last weekend.

According to this message from the park, he was one of the longest living moose in captivity and was visited by fans from all over the world who will likely never forget him.

Here's their wonderful tribute with great photos of "George". Rest in peace handsome fella.

We're so lucky to be able to see everything from moose and black bears, to fish, birds and more in an environment as close to their natural habitat as can be.

The park is also hosted by experts that are happy to answer any questions you might have about the great outdoors in Maine and where all the wild things are. It will reopen for the 2019 season in April.

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