This is Shayla in her new orthopedic bed, her cat Stanley has moved in with her. Stanley showed up at our door a couple of years ago during brutally cold temperatures and decided that we are his family. He withstood the humiliation of being sniffed and pushed by our two dogs for the first hour of his arrival, then it was like he had been with us forever. The dogs and cat will drink from the water dish at the same time. They let us know when one of them is stuck outside and wants to come in. Our other dog, Raven, will go out at bedtime to round up Stanley and make sure that he's in for the night. I think it's amazing!

We bought a gorgeous blue couch but keep it covered because the animals and kids rule our home. We have swings and dog beds in our living room.


We also have 2 degus, they are an exotic pet from Chile. Bruce Wayne and Jack are a cross between a chinchilla and a gerbil. Weird but adorable, and a present from Papa and Nona. Stanley likes to watch them through the top of the cage and the boys aren't afraid of him. They are good looking, but not smart!

cat and degu

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